lunedì 20 giugno 2016


Shine of life
everything you pass through
everyone you belong to
but I don't see your reflex in my mirror no more
your absence darkens my landscapes
but no fog, no shadows

Your distance from me feeds my indifference
Your beautiful cruelty turns off my light life

I'm here alone
realizing that I spent my time
chasing deceitful masks
who passed me off pain for joy
and now deeply I struggle
like a bat in the dark sky
ungraceful and blind
but still alive
though sometimes I'd choose to die...
music and lyrics by Drake Thrim
photo by Valentina P.

giovedì 9 giugno 2016

"Leaden" review by Hypnos Webzine

Started as a one man band and lately turned into a duo, italian project Nocturnal Streams has just released its debut “Leaden”, a three track, plus a cover, EP of a Doom/Death with some Black influences. The overall result is fair enough for a debut, but keys and drum machine have to be improved to get a more professional sound.

sabato 28 maggio 2016